The fight to be recognized in life and in death

Apr 02, 2017


A video from the class of 2011’s Samantha Stark tells the personal story of the people behind Obergefell vs. Hodges, the biggest Supreme Court same-sex marriage case in U.S. history.

Full Story How a Love Story Triumphed in Court
Outlet New York Times
Date June 26, 2015
Discipline Video Storytelling


Mr. Obergefell, who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, is from a city whose views on gay marriage have changed dramatically. In 2013, he married his longtime partner, John Arthur, in Maryland. When Mr. Arthur died of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or A.L.S., that October, Ohio refused to list Mr. Obergefell as his spouse on the death certificate and that led to the beginnings of the lawsuit.

Screenshot from a New York Times video of a death certificate showing the field for marital status.

The marital status field of the death certificate was at the center of a same sex marriage case (New York Times).

Post by Samantha Stark

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