The earliest coverage of Flint’s water crisis

Apr 08, 2017


Walter Smith-Randolph, class of 2010, started reporting about the Flint water crisis in 2014, when residents first complained of discolored water and once officials first realized the need to flush the city’s water system.

Full Story Flint officials flushing water system amid complaints of brown water
Outlet NBC25
Date September 25, 2014
Discipline News Video


Inez Shepherd doesn’t have much faith in Flint’s water system.

“We cannot drink the water, we cannot cook with the water–let alone brush our teeth and what not,” says Shepherd who has lived on Flint’s south side for three years.

Her family has been buying cases of bottled water but city officials maintain the city’s water flows just fine.

“I wonder if they would come and drink some water on camera for us because it’s not safe to me,” says Shepherd.

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