The different look of female-focused erotica

Reporting for the NYCity News Service, Daniela Castro, class of 2017, along with Johanna Chisholm, Samantha Lee and Rheaa Rao, each from the class of 2016, examined how Women’s viewing preferences are increasingly shaping the way the erotic video industry looks.

Full Story Women on Top
Outlet NYCity News Service
Date May 26, 2016
Discipline Interactive Reporting


The words “feminist” and “porn” are highly charged, laden with decades of historical and cultural baggage. Put the two together, and the final result is no less simple.

While the overarching philosophy behind feminist porn – ethical treatment of performers and a focus on authentic female pleasure – is agreed upon, the idea of what constitutes a “feminist” or a “female” is much more fluid.

Since the late Candida Royalle, considered by many to be the pioneer of feminist erotica, made the first movie that focused on heterosexual female pleasure in 1984, the industry has ballooned.

Illustration of woman's eye by W. Scott Forbes

Illustration by W. Scott Forbes for NYCity News Service.

Post by Daniela Castro

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