Reporters expose Housing Authority for mishandling mold

Apr 07, 2017

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Allegra Abrama, 2015, and Gwynne Hogan, 2014 worked with the Daily News to investigate NYCHA’s handling of mold relief at residences where tenants have asthma.

Full Story EXCLUSIVE: Mold still a growing problem for hundreds of NYCHA tenants a year after promise of fixes
Outlet NY Daily News
Date December 14, 2014
Discipline News Video


NYCHA says the number of overall repairs — everything from busted elevators to falling bricks — has gone up in the past year after the Daily News revealed a backlog of 420,000 unanswered repair requests. But it’s impossible to know how many of those repairs resulted in abated mold, because NYCHA doesn’t officially categorize mold in its repair database…

An examination of a half-dozen developments, chosen at random, found hundreds of tenants still waiting for help.

Screenshot from video of boy with asthma using his inhaler.

A boy with asthma uses an inhaler at his residence where mold contributes to his condition. (Allegra Abramo and Gwynne Hogan for NY Daily News)

Post by Allegra Abramo

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