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These additional stories are highlighted in the companion book. Click each title below to read or watch or listen to the full piece.

Class Name Outlet Date Title
2016 Megan Cerullo DNAInfo New York Dec 2, 2015 Aggressive Panhandlers' Won't Ruin Bronx Christmas, Thanks to Councilman
2016 Joseph Jaafari The Atlantic May 12, 2016 Repairing Wounded Soldiers' Sex Lives
2016 Karen Savage Juvenile Justice Information Exchange Jul 22, 2016 Reporter Recounts Arrest, Prison Stay After Baton Rouge Protest
2015 Allegra Abramo, Jennifer Lehman ProPublica Oct 27, 2015 How N.Y.'s Biggest For-Profit Nursing Home Group Flourishes Despite a Record of Patient Harm
2015 Lena Masri ABC News Oct 11, 2016 Diary of an Aleppo Doctor: 'The Child in Front of Me Could Be My Daughter'
2015 Kanyakrit Vongkiatkajorn NYCity News Service n/a Brian: A Young Man With Autism
2014 Roxanne L. Scott Public Radio International Jul 28, 2015 The fight is on to end poaching in Africa's Virunga National Park
2014 Max Willens International Business Times Apr 27, 2016 What's Really Killing Digital Media: The Tyranny Of The Impression
2014 Erin Brodwin n/a Oct 11, 2016 Meet the 'super-recognizers,' an elite squad of police officers who are paid to never forget a face
2013 Theresa Fisher Salon Jan 25, 2015 "He beat me every day"
2013 Kathleen Culliton DNAInfo New York Jun 27, 2016 Every Christmas, Bill Cunningham Had a Special Gift for These Deli Workers
2012 Cara Eisenpress Crain's New York Business Feb 21, 2016 Behold 'ghost restaurants': Order online, but don't try to show up for dinner
2012 Taylor Tepper Money Magazine Dec 21, 2016 The High Cost of Coping
2012 Melissa Noel Voices of NY Aug 16, 2016 Migration and Separation: Stories of 'Barrel Children'
2012 Chester Soria Juvenile Justice Information Exchange Nov 07, 2013 False Confessions: NYC Still Struggles in Aftermath of Central Park Five
2011 Almudena Toral New York Times Mar 31, 2014 Morocco's 'Mule Ladies'
2011 Roxanna Asgarian Houstonia Mar 31, 2016 Freedom Place: Once a Summer Camp, Now a Home for Healing
2010 Simone Sebastian Washington Post Oct 17, 2014 For battered NFL wives, a message from the cops and the league: Keep quiet
2010 Danny Gold Esquire Sep 26, 2013 Seven Strange Days With The Young Men of The Syrian Resistance
2009 Jenni Avins Vice Feb 16, 2012 Free Range Fur
2009 Carla Murphy Course Aug 11, 2015 Parenting While Black: Toya Graham on Violence, Fear and Freddie Gray
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