How medical tourism requires patience of patients

Apr 01, 2017


Karen Shakerdge, class of 2015, followed an ill man on his journey through the U.S. medical system as he sought a liver transplant.

Full Story Searching for a new liver; traveling for transplant
Outlet WHYY, NewsWorks
Date December 28, 2015
Discipline News Radio


In the U.S., patients are considered for a liver transplant in order of urgency, amongst other factors. But because of the current system, some hospitals perform transplants on patients who are not as sick as others. Patients relocate to those areas, hoping for better chances. Sommer Gentry, a mathematician at the U.S. Naval Academy and research associate at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, found that travelers are 74 percent more likely to receive a transplant than similar patients who remain in their home region.

Photo of liver transplant patient, Seth Doraiswami. Photo by Karen Shakerdge for WHYY.

Seth Doraiswami endured waitlists and travel ordeals to secure a liver transplant. (Karen Shakerdge for WHYY)

Post by Karen Shakerdge

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