Editors' Note

Our thanks to the deans for asking us to put together this project, book and website. Also, our thanks to all the CUNY Journalism alums who shared some of their best work with us. We need to emphasize that this is not strictly a "best of" compilation. Rather it is a collection of stories, packages and projects that represent the typical quality and impact of some of the best work by the school's students and alumni – work that might never have been produced, and not had the resulting impact, if not for our school. Indeed, it raises the question: some of this work was produced by people who may not have become journalists if the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism did not exist.

We also encourage you to get your hands on the companion book that we distributed at the 10th annual Awards for Excellence in Journalism gala, April 13, 2017, to appreciate the work and to have it in the form of a quality souvenir.

We look forward to seeing more and better stories with more and bigger impact over the next decade. We're gonna need a bigger book.


Tim Harper
Malik Singleton



A Note from the Deans

Like proud parents, we've watched talented students graduate every year from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, enter the profession, and begin their upward climb in news organizations. Having given birth to the J-School in 2006 and nurtured it over the last 10 years, we like to think that our institution's existence has made a difference.

But is that just hubris, or is it possible to quantify the impact that a school can have?

This collection of stories – on this website and in its companion book – is an attempt to answer that question. In honor of our tenth anniversary, we asked professors Tim Harper and Malik Singleton to collect some – only a small portion, actually – of great work that our students produced in our first decade, both as students and as graduates.

This small sampling fills us with pride. It helps explain why we're so passionate about our School, our students, and our public mission. We think it demonstrates better than anything else why the CUNY J-School matters in today's complicated world.

We hope you agree.


Sarah Bartlett

Stephen B. Shepard
Founding Dean Emeritus


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