A nudist uses an erotic artform to empower men

Apr 01, 2017

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Picture a nude drawing class where everyone is naked. Josh Futtersack and Barbara Marcolini of the class of 2017 captured this story’s background and motivation to get beyond the distractions. This is a great example of a piece that started as a class assignment and was later sold to an outlet, Narrative.ly.

Full Story Why This Band of NYC Men Love Painting Each Other in the Nude
Outlet Narratively
Date July 27, 2016
Discipline Video Storytelling


“I felt persecuted and it was mostly being persecuted as a gay man. I felt societey was really against homosexuality and even within the gay community, as an Asian gay man, I feel discriminated against.”

Screenshot from a Narratively video about a nudist artist

A nudist leads a diverse group of artists in celebration of the male form (Narratively).

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